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Simo Patrice Lim

    Born December 9th, 1958 in Rockford, IL, my Mom tells me there were 14 inches of snow that day which, I suspect is one of the reasons I eventually migrated to a warmer climate. I have three brothers and one sister and I feel we can never repay our parents for all they have given us-a life with education, love, stability and a great sense of security in being our own persons. We weren't rich at all, but never felt poor or lacking in any way. We were taught not to live life with extravagance but with exuberance! Envying others for their success or money, possessions or power, doesn't enrich your life. Richness comes from living life to the fullest!
I know, and have always known, that I am a very priviledged person, not because of wealth or fame or power or the usual things that one thinks of as belonging to priviledge, but because I have a deep sense of optimism, a sense of daring, an ability to make life better or more special, a belief that one can fulfill one's dreams, large or small. This is something one never forgets, not the material rewards.
    In 1972 we all packed up and moved to sunny San Diego. Graduated from high school and attended college studying Psycology. Aaaaahhhhh......the study of Human Behavior......Fascinating!! Years later I met the man of my dreams. While dating my Husband I asked him to share with me his feelings about the art (Hawaii Kenpo) he had been studying since he was a teenager. I will never forget the first time he took me to Hawaii. I knew the moment our plane touched down why he felt so passionately about the art he holds so dear to his heart. The rich history, the tradition, the culture, the incredibly wonderful spirit of the Hawaiian people. How fortunate we are to be able to pass all of this from generation to generation! It wasn't long before I became one of his students. Through my martial arts training I have been lucky enough to meet not only some of the greatest martial artists but some of the most fascinating people in the world!
    My Husband and I were married on the beautiful island of Catalina (26 miles off the coast of California). We share our love of spending time with 'Ohana, martial arts, good food, music, travel and meeting people from different cultures and all walks of life.
  I am extremely blessed. Everyday I look at my teacher, SIGUNG GEORGE LIM, and I am so grateful for the truly precious gift he has given me. His constant encouragement has motivated me to do many things that I am so very proud of. I consistently ask myself how could I ever express my appreciation and deep gratitude and the only answer I can find is to pledge to him my undying loyalty.

 Simo Patrice (in the center) with her Ohana

Sifu Jack Wimbish

     Born March 24, 1956 in Casper, Wyoming, to two wonderful parents, Dama and William Wimbish, Sifu Jack is affectionately known as our "Kenpo Cowboy." He has two brothers; Dick and Jim, and two sisters; Dama and Kelly. Growing up Sifu Jack enjoyed and still enjoys skiing and swimming and was also a Champion in diving. He attended Oklahoma State University studying Architecture and later attended the University of Wyoming studying Business Administration. He loves to travel anywhere in the United States, as well as internationally, but truly enjoys the beauty of the Wyoming mountains and the Oklahoma hills. His music taste runs along the lines of Classical rock, Country western and Classical. He likes Swing Dancing and dislikes rude people. Sifu Jack's twin brother, Jim, is testing for his black belt in Hawaii Kenpo this October. His older brother, Dick and family are currently living in Africa, older sister, Dama, is living in Wyoming, and baby sister, Kelly is living in Ireland. Sifu Jack's parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversity.

 Sifu Jack Wimbish with his Ohana

Sibak Mercedes Amera Montford

Born June 28th, 1989, at Desert Samaritan Hospital in Mesa, Arizona, Sibak Mercedes was Sigung George and Simo Patrice Lim's first student when they opened their first school in Arizona. She also holds the distinct honor of being the youngest student her Sigung ever promoted to black belt. Sibak Mercedes never had an easy go of it as her Dad is also one of the black belt instructors at the Lim's Hawaii Kenpo school. She feels the accomplishment she is most proud of is earning her black belt and being involved in her karate school and expressed that her idol(s) other than her Mom and Dad are her Sigung and her Simo. What she likes about karate is being able to teach, work out, learn and have fun all at the same time. Sibak Mercedes has a younger brother, Jaz, who also trains at Lim's Hawaii Kenpo, and a younger sister, Katana. She thinks it is pretty amusing that they both know exactly what buttons to push to irritate one another! Sibak Mercedes is one busy young lady. Besides training in karate, she loves running, playing volleyball with her 'Ohana, reading and listening to music. The type of music she enjoys depends on whatever mood she is in; anything from AC/DC to Garth Brooks! Sibak Mercedes also knows how to play the flute. Her favorite season is summer because she can go swimming and play in the water without getting sick. Her favorite movie is "The Matrix." Her favorite color is purple and favorite food is pizza, although she says her favorite junk food is brownies and ice cream. She must have inheirited her sweet tooth from her Mom, Terrie, because she says her Mom loves sweets but her Dad, Sifu Richard won't eat them, except once in awhile he will enjoy a pineapple sorbet! Sibak Mercedes loves to visit her 'Ohana in Nebraska and enjoys vacations in California and Hawaii. Her favorite book she has read is a toss up between "Treasure Island" and a favorite she shares with her Dad, "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior." Sibak Mercedes says she would like to go to Northern Arizona University, unless her 'Ohana in Nebraska can convince her to attend University of Nebraska! Perhaps after living all of her life in The Valley of the Sun she is not sure if she could stand all of that snow. She wants to get her masters in teaching because her dream is to one day become a teacher. But she says, "not just any teacher, the fun teacher, the teacher that everyone likes." For this exceptional young lady that shouldn't be too hard!!

 Sibak Mercedes with her Ohana

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