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Order Item Item Number Item Description Item Cost
VGA001 Self Defense Grab Arts $45.00
VPR002 Self Defense Punching Rotations $45.00
VCB003 Self_Defense_Combination_Punches $45.00
VCA004 Self Defense Club Attack $45.00
VKF005 Self Defense Knife Attack $45.00
VSD006 Self Defense - Advanced $45.00
SAM007 Special Sample Video - Clips of self defense and katas $25.00
VK2008 Kata # 2 - Traditional Hard Kata $45.00
VPA009 Palama Set Kata $45.00
VFH010 Modified Kata - Fu Hok/Tiger Crane $45.00
VBO011 Staff Bo Kata $45.00
VKA012 Kuro Kama Kata $45.00
VADM013 Arnis De Mano - basics $45.00
VBR014 Brick Breaking - Ice Breaking $45.00

Lim Kenpo T-Shirts
Sm Med Lg XLg TS001 Lim Kenpo T-Shirt $20.00
Sm Med Lg XLg TS001 Lim Kenpo Breaking T-Shirt $25.00

School Patch
LKP001 Lim Kenpo School and Association Patch $10.00

Autographed Pictures
AP001 Sigung George Lim Breaking Ice $10.00
AP002 Simo Patrice Lim Breaking Brick $10.00
AP001 Sigung George Lim $10.00
AP004 Simo Patrice Lim $10.00
AP005 Sigung George Lim and Simo Patice Lim $10.00

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