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Sijo Adriano Emperado
Sijo Adriano Emperado
Founder of Kajukenbo K.S.D.I.
at the Lim Kenpo Luau December 5, 1998

Professor Marino Tiwanak Professor Marino Tiwanak
Founder of CHA 3 Kenpo Karate
Chief Al Tejero "Chief" Al Tejero
CHA-3, Kenpo Karate

Sigung/Guro Dan Cepeda Sigung/Guro
Dan Cepeda
Cepeda Brother's Martial Arts
Grand Master Soloman Kaihewalu Grand Master Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu
Hawaiian Lua

Sigung & Simo with Grand Master Tino Tuiolosega Sigung George Lim, Grand Master Tino Tuiolosega the founder of Limalama Arts of Self Defense and Simo Patrice Lim. Sigung & Simo with Professor Max Togisala and Joanne 	Sizemore Sigung & Simo with Professor Max Togisala and Joanne Sizemore.

Sigung & Simo with Shihan Ted Tabura Sigung George Lim and Simo Patrice Lim with Shihan Ted Tabura - Limalama. Simo & Sigung with Professor Joe Yuhashi Sigung George Lim, Professor Joe Yuhashi aka "The Ice Crusher" and Simo Patrice Lim.


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