Listed Below are just a few of Sigung George Lim's
  • 31 Years of Martial Arts experience
  • Master Seminar Instructor "Gathering of the Masters" 2003 The Fighting Arts Convention, Scottish Highlands
  • Master Instructor "Gathering of The Eagles" - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Master Self Defense Instructor of the Year
  • North American Black Belt Hall of Fame 2001, California
  • Master Instructor of the Year & Seminar Instructor - Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2002, Atlantic City,N.J.
  • Master Seminar Instructor-Sijo Emperado's Seminar - Las Vegas, Nevada - 2001
  • Master Seminar Instructor -Annual Kung Fu
  • Friendship Games & Competition Lakewood California - 2002
  • Gathering of the Masters"Instructor and Award
  • Recipient, London, England & San Diego, California
  • Three time recipient of "Hall of Fame" - World Head of Family Sokeship Council
  • Master Instructor Award, Orlando, Florida
  • 1986 & 1988 Breaking & Self Defense - Grand Champion Las Vegas & California
  • Sigung George and Simo Patrice Lim are the Promoters of the Prestigious "Tribute to the Masters" The Most Exclusive Gathering of the Top Grandmasters in the Hawaiian Martial Arts
  • Instructor of Numerous Nationally Ranked Tournament Champions and Grand Champions
  • Received his Black Belt from Professor Marino Tiwanak (Sijo Emperado's first Black Belt), founder of the CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Association of Hawaii Brotherhood Club. Learned his basics under Professor/Guro Dan Cepeda, 8th Degree, Cepeda Brother's Martial Arts and Chief Al Tejero, 10th Degree Black Belt, CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Association of Hawaii Brotherhood Club.
 Sigung George Lim with Sifu Jack Wimbish

   Lineage & History Summary: Hawaii Kenpo George Lim Method (Blend):
  • Sijo Adriano Emperado-Kajukenbo Hawaii
  • Professor Marino Tiwanak- CHA-3 Kenpo Hawaii
  • Chief Al Tejero-CHA-3 Kenpo Hawaii
  • Professor/Guro Dan Cepeda-Kenpo Arnis/Kali/Escrima Weaponry Art
  • Professor Allen Abad-Abad's Method Kajukenbo/Kung Fu
  • Sigung George Lim Credits Sifu Rudy Serrano (1973) For Teaching Him His Basics (Mahalo, Sifu Rudy)
  • Sigung George Lim's latest promotion came from Professor Allen Abad (Abad's Martial Arts International) in the presence of and with the blessings of Sijo Adriano Emperado, Grandmaster Solomon Kaihewalu, Professor Dechi Emperado, Sifu James Ibrao, Professor Max Togisala, Chief Al Tejero, Shihan Ted Tabura, and Professor Joe Yuhashi.

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