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From: David Zeelmaekers
Date: Tuesday 27 July 2004
Comment: Aloha Sigung Lim, I am a student of Shihan Daniel Hayen in Shin Gi Tai kempo and it was a pleasure to meet you and your wife at the Gathering of the Masters in Spain. I loved your art and the way you teach, hope to see you again at a seminar somewhere.
Maybe I come and visit you at your Dojo someday.

David Zeelmaekers
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From: Joseph D. Koughn
Date: Sunday 25 July 2004
Comment: Love the site and to meet other Kajukenbo affiliations.
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From: Jeff Sawyer
Date: Saturday 24 July 2004
Comment: Sigung Lim, it was a pleasure to meet you at the Gathering of the Masters in Spain last week. I loved your art and I loved your teaching.
Yours in the Buddha,

Jeff Sawyer
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From: Stuart Cox
Date: Friday 23 July 2004
Comment: Great to see you all at the Gathering of the Masters in Spain last week, As always it was excellent to you and your Black Belts in action! Many thanks from myself, Simon, Tony and Steve, The lads from Peter Browne Budo Ryu Kempo Jujitsu.
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From: Ghulam Abbas Butt
Date: Wednesday 14 July 2004
Comment: i am Ghulam abbas butt from pakistan and am instructor of king of martialarts center i enjoy this site
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From: peter reid
Date: Tuesday 8 June 2004
Comment: great site just surfed from dublin IRELAND
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From: Lynn Morad
Date: Wednesday 26 Mei 2004
Comment: Hey Jack it's me. Pretty cool sight, I see that shihan Steve Blackburn posted.
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From: Raymundo Trejo
Date: Tuesday 11 Mei 2004
Comment: les envio saludos al Sigung George Lim y su esposa, y a todos les recomiendo los videos estan estupendos reciban un cordial abrazo de sus hermanos de kajukenbo mexico
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From: Larinda Mayo
Date: Monday 10 Mei 2004
Comment: Hi It's me! I love the site, It keeps me updated on things like upcoming events and facts about all of my instructors. And all of the pictures are real pretty! Love you both!! Bye=]
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From: tim morsa
Date: Wednesday 5 Mei 2004
Comment: I am very glad to see that the school is alive and well. I will never forget the valuable lessons I learned there. I hope to soon have my daughter enrolled so that she too can experience what "Ohana" really is.
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From: Simon Toms
Date: Wednesday 31 March 2004
Comment: Recently attended a seminar in London,would like to thank you for coming all that way to share some of your martal art knowlege with us,it was a very enjoyable session,Mahalo.
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From: Ben Ariff
Date: Friday 26 March 2004
Comment: Sigung George, Simo Patrice I really enjoyed your teaching thank you for coming to the UK and attending the seminar and taking the time out for photos. I look forward to seeing u again. Kind regards.
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From: Matt Frere-Smith (Norwich , Norfolk, U.K.)
Date: Thursday 25 March 2004
Comment: Really enjoyed your session in London 20th March.Most impressed with the art/style and also the delivery and presentation; hope I get to learn from you sometime in the future.Thanks.
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From: Tony Hughes (student of Hanshi Browne Budo Ryu-UK)
Date: Sunday 21 March 2004
Comment: Thank you all for coming to the Uk and sharing some of your techniques with us. It was a real pleasure and enjoyable experience. Best regards
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From: Shihan Steve Blackburn
Date: Saturday 13 March 2004
Comment: Sigung George, Simo Patrice, Haven't had the pleasure of meeting you, but I did sit in on Sifu Jack Wimbish's 3rd dan (I think, it seems so long ago) testing in Laramie, Wyoming. He did some really excellent breaking that day. Best regards.
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From: terry welch
Date: Friday 5 March 2004
Comment: Mercedes told me about this site, so I thought that I look into it! She looks so cute in that one picture!
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From: Rick Greene
Date: Sunday 1 February 2004
Comment: Sigung Lim & Simo,I hope you both are well.
I just recieved your video/ FUHOK/Tiger Crane.It's Great,I needed something new for myself to work on after 26years,I well add this Kata to are Takai Shin Kempo Karate system.It is clear that you are a Master in Kenpo and you students are very talented.
Thank You,Grandmaster,Rick Greene
National Kempo Karate Federation.com
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From: Jeff Arviso
Date: Tuesday 27 January 2004
Comment: Hi Sigung and Simo. I hope your having a great new year and I wish you the best of luck!
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From: Gene
Date: Monday 19 January 2004
Comment: Just surfin' and found your website. Very nice and easy to navigate. Good luck on all your future endeavors :-)
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From: Jeff Arviso
Date: Wednesday 17 December 2003
Comment: Hi Sigung and Simo. Just wanted to say hi. I like your site. I'm sure I will see you around. Love always Jeff.
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From: Al
Date: Friday 12 December 2003
Comment: Great site.i check it out often.Always looking forward to see whats new.
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From: Melanie Leineweber
Date: Friday 28 November 2003
Comment: Hey Simo and Sigung,
Mercedes showed me this site, and I think it is awesome.
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From: Baylen,Ikaika&Java;
Date: Thursday 18 September 2003
Comment: Hi! Sigung & Simo we just wanted to say hi and we're thinking of you and the entire Lim ohana.The site is Awesome! Love Baylen & da boys.
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From: Martin Alcala
Date: Tuesday 19 August 2003
Comment: Great site with all your photos. We welcome all martial artists to visit our web site www.nokaoi-online.com in a fellowship of the arts. We have photos of the early days with Grand Master "Tino" Limalama and Grand Master Ed Parker American Kenpo.
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From: Anne McCabe Nepsky
Date: Thursday 26 June 2003
Comment: Aloha,
Hola, queridos amigos mios. Patrice and George, you are the best! Great website. I especially love the picture of you two with the "Icebreaker", too cute. I love you both! Peace, now more than ever,
Anne McCabe Nepsky
Amigos de siempre, amigos de mi corazon!
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From: Dennis Carter
Date: Friday 20 June 2003
Comment: Aloha Sigung George, Simo Patrice, and Sifu Jack. A belated congratulations on the opening of your new school. It just goes to show that extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people. I wish I were able to express here how special you are to us and how you all have touched the lives of my family. You taught us so much more than punches and kicks, blocks and throws. You taught us to be better people. You taught through your art and by your example. I feel blessed to have had your guidance and I will always feel part of the Lim Kenpo Ohana. Dear friends, you are always in our hearts and our prayers.
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From: Mary Lou Clift
Date: Wednesday 18 June 2003
Comment: Patrice and George are two perfect role models. All of you are lucky to learn under them.You are learning life lessons.Any school or community would be happy to have any of you.
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From: Sifu Kalani
Date: Monday 16 June 2003
Comment: Dear Sir, I met you in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Kajukenbo seminar. I was introduced to you by my uncle Benny a long time CHA 3 memeber. My uncle and I was planning to come and visit one day. Please keep in touch [email protected] hope to hear from you soon.
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From: carla joy
Date: Saturday 14 June 2003
Comment: hello Simo, Sigung and everyone els, i think this website is awsome!!! I just love the art work! Love you guys ----(----{@
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From: Karima Hakik
Date: Tuesday 10 June 2003
Comment: Hi, this is Karima and I miss you all. I am in Japan.
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From: Robin Gipper
Date: Friday 6 June 2003
Comment: So happy to know that all is going so well for the Lim Kenpo Ohana! All the best to you from my ohana :)
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From: Adriana Alvarez
Date: Thursday 5 June 2003
Comment: Thank you for placing the children first! It gives me a sense of security and an abundance of joy to know that Sigung George, Simo Patrice, and Sifu Jack genuinely and passionately support the value of our childrens' well being. My daughter, Victoria Gonzales, whose instructor is Sifu Jack Wimbish, has demonstrated great courage, respect, and simply loves her class.
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From: Joey West (Formerly Bartels)
Date: Wednesday 4 June 2003
Comment: Hi George- my mom sent me your website so I thought I'd take a look. So glad you are doing well. God Bless. Joey
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From: tita
Date: Monday 2 June 2003
Comment: hi george! my mom sent me your email. congradulations. I'm happy for the two of you. much aloha, tita
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From: Patsy (Perry) Bartels
Date: Thursday 29 Mei 2003
Comment: Mahalo for taking me down memory lane, of course It brought tears to my eyes. To see that you have acknowledge everyone in your past. I have always had respect for you in how you present yourself-and very humble. Patrice-you have a good person by your side.
Me Kealoha Pumehana
ps, I like all the hawaiian decor, too good Brah
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From: ken
Date: Wednesday 28 Mei 2003
Comment: i was honored to "know" you before i learned of all your accomplishments. now i'm impressed too! great website. i wish you only the best, always.
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From: Missey, Megan and Mackenzie,
Date: Wednesday 28 Mei 2003
Comment: Hi Simo and
Sigung! We love your website. You have done an awesome job. We miss you so much. Hope to see you in the near future.
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From: Dennis Galisa
Date: Wednesday 21 Mei 2003
Comment: great site.I like all the information,history,lineage.My aloha and respects....student of Prof.Godin
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From: Larinda Mayo
Date: Monday 21 April 2003
Comment: this is a great site sigung and simo! I love to come on and read every page and look at every picture there is!! you guys are fantastic people!
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From: sensei Tom Harris
Date: Tuesday 8 April 2003
Comment: Much Aloha to you all. Miss you all very much.I am planning to come out very soon.
Love to you all.!!!!!!! Oosu

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From: James
Date: Friday 28 March 2003
Comment: I train CHA3 Kenpo. You folk are like home away from home for da locals. I like your web site. Respect!! Aloha, James
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From: Joe Solis
Date: Wednesday 12 March 2003
Comment: Aloha Sigung and Simo,
just wanted to drop in and say hi. We miss you here in Vegas. Hopefully we will see you at our tournament for Sijo here in July. Talk to you guys soon. and love you both.
Joe & Melissa Solis
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From: Eugene Clapper
Date: Friday 28 February 2003
Comment: Enjoyed visiting the Site and recognizing all the great wonderful and caring people we see when we visit our daughter Terrie and her husband Richard Montford and their family. Keep up the good work.
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From: Chelsea and Mercedes
Date: Sunday 16 February 2003
Comment: Chelsea misses you and so does Brandon! hope everyone is doing great! we hope to see you later
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Date: Monday 10 February 2003
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From: Mercedes & Jaz Montford
Date: Sunday 9 February 2003
Comment: Hey Simo & Sigung!!! I really love the site! I look at it every time I'm on the web!
You guys are the best! I love you!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!
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From: Frank M. Schneider
Date: Monday 20 January 2003
Comment: Dear Sigung Lim, a very good site,wish you all the best in kenpo and kajukenbo furthermore.Yours in Budo and many greetings from Germany,Frank M. Schneider
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From: Ciara Tsinnie
Date: Friday 13 December 2002
Comment: I love the site .I check it as often as I can to see whats up. Hope you all have a great Christmas.:)
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From: Kelly Smith
Date: Wednesday 11 December 2002
Comment: You may not see me around but I'm always keeping an eye on my ohana, Alway in my thoughts and prayers. Happy holidays to all. The Smiths
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From: Coree Foster
Date: Saturday 7 December 2002
Comment: Fantastic site! I love all of the hibiscus!
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From: Marissa Santa Cruz
Date: Thursday 14 November 2002
Comment: I love this website it keep's me in touch and updated on my classmates keep it up xo xo xo
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From: Kelly Marie Larsen
Date: Tuesday 12 November 2002
Comment: Great site! I love to keep in touch even when I am not with my ohana! Miss you.
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From: Will Mikeska
Date: Monday 11 November 2002
Comment: One of the best sites on the web. I come on this site with my mom. We both enjoy seeing whats new. I have been training with Sigung and Simo for 6 years. They are the best. They are like my second mother and father.
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From: Toni Mikeska
Date: Tuesday 5 November 2002
Comment: Best site on the web.I check it every day to see whats up..Sigung George & Simo Patrice Lim are the BEST...You are in my HEART ALWAYS....
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From: Pam Tejero
Date: Saturday 2 November 2002
Comment: Love the site. I visit it quite often to see whats happening. Keep up the good work. Love you both.

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